The Hitchhikers Guide to this Blog.

This blog is a sprawling account of our year living and studying in Jordan, and travelling the Middle East. This page is your guide to our blog. Enjoy!

EGYPT. Two weeks in Egypt before we moved to Jordan.

The Great Pyramid

Them Travel Feels – Sam talks about his pre-travel and mid-travel emotions. He;s so touchy-feely. Barely a man at all.

Kara Meets Cairo – Kara’s first impressions of Cairo, the capital of Egypt! This is mostly about the scarier parts of her trip to Cairo.

Our Taxi got hijacked on the way to the Pyramids – This is mostly about the scarier parts of being in Cairo. And also the insanely fun parts.

How to break things in stores and get away with it – A tip EVERYONE needs to know. Who wants to pay for all that expensive stuff you just broke? It’s broken, it’s no good now!

Security in Egypt: Surviving the Revolution – A bomb exploded n Cairo on the 24th of January 2014 that killed 4 people and injured many more. The sound woke Kara up, although Sam slept through it. This post is about that event, it’s fallout, and more generally the security situation in Egypt at that time, from our perspective. Note: The security environment has changed since then (see here).

The Warm Embrace of Death: Luxor’s West Bank – The West bank of Luxor is tombs, the east is mosques. Literally, the ancient Egyptians divided Luxor into the side of the living and the side of the dead. Amazing. We went over to the West bank and had a freaking amazing time meeting locals and checking out several-thousand-year-old things.

To Hulk or not to Hulk: Aswan hotels suck – Aswan is a stunningly beautiful city in the South of Egypt. It’s right on the Nile, at a spot with some 15 Islands in the Nile itself. It’s also the only part of the Nile where desert comes right up to the water – which is incredible to see. We had a lot of trouble finding accommodation there and this is the blow-by-blow account of Sam trying to resist Hulk-smashing things as he got increasingly infuriated.

The night Sam wore a dress out to dinner – Pics included.

Top Ten funny street vendor moments – Street salesmen are everywhere, hassling the few tourists in Egypt in every possible way. Here are our favourite attempts at getting our attention, including some cheeky replies from us.

The Gorgeous Luxor Temple – Photos from Luxor Temple at sunset and into the night.

How the Pyramids were built: According to Joe Rogan – Joe Rogan is an obnoxious American comedian, who also hosts the UFC fights on TV. But this is awesome and totally worth watching.

Two Weddings and a Lunch: Aswan – We spent several days in Aswan and this covers all of it. Including the time we got invited to a wedding, and went, and the time we asked for directions to a restaurants and ended up having lunch with a local family of Nubians, in their home. We also went on a stunning boat trip on the Nile. Lots of photos and stuff.

JORDAN. Our new home, and base camp for traveling in the region.

The Treasury Building, Petra

The Treasury Building, Petra

Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – We’re now in Jordan! Our new home! Here’s all the first week woes of moving to a new and totally foreign country.

An American, a German, and two Australians walk into a bar… – You just have to read it.

The best discussion on Australia’s ‘boat people’ problem yet – Australia has been arguing with itself how to deal with asylum seekers and refugees who travel to Australia by boat since around 2001. This is one of the best debates I’ve ever read on the topic, it all went down on my Facebook wall between two good friends. It’s long but it’s excellent.

Hiking near the Dead Sea: Wadi Zarqa Ma’in – Our first time outside of Amman itself! We swam through Hot Sprint pools and clambered up steep rocks, ate lunch and went home again. It was AMAZING.

11 Interesting Stories from Amman, Jordan – How Sam pissed off a Jordanian cop and was taken to his office… among other stories.

Hiking through Wadi Mukheires – Sam fell into a river near the Dead Sea? Yep.

Why Kissing is wrong! – What happens when you kiss in public in Jordan? What happens when you wear short shorts in public? Sam found out, in two separate events. Learn from his stupidity here!

Dead 2 Red – We ran an ultra-marathon from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. It was amazing.

University Student Elections – Middle Eastern Style – UJ had a student election and it involved teargas.

The Living (Dead) Sea – We FINALLY actually went to the Dead Sea to experience the Dead Sea, not start a marathon or go hiking. So we covered ourselves in mud and floated around in the weirdest water in the world.

Sam’s poetry – It’s funny, a little punny, and not smoothy or sentimental. Except at the end.

Petra – the ancient city – woo’d us – Petra is one of the 7 wonders of the World and rightly so. Here’s some photos and words about our trip there.

Bombs on the border: a weekend camping trip with a sad soundtrack – Kara points out things that don’t quite seem to fit here in Jordan.

An illustration of our Arabic progress: It’s not what you’re expecting. And it’s funny.

Lebanon Part 1: We were detained for over 5 hours in Lebanon, and Sam stole a wheelchair to try and escape!


How I Met Australia – How a week in Uluru with famous musicians changed Sam’s understanding of what it means to be Australian.


More to come.


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