Sam’s poetry is coming along.

Bummed out about the future.

Once there was a boy
Whose name was Sam.

He grew up in the capital
That’s where he learnt how to stand.

A few years down the track
With Uni almost done

He met this lovely girl
Who had an incredible bum.

She was off to the Middle East
A land of swords, bombs and sheiks

But Sam wasn’t scared, he was in love
So he followed her, like an overenthusiastic creep.

Together now they live,
In an apartment in Amman

They study Arabic together,
And with the locals they yarn.

Both of them are ambitious,
A pair of future diplomats maybe

But how will they stay together
If they have to travel daily?

These questions and more they struggle with
But each day is fun

And because Sam is a simple one
He’s happy as long as he can stare at Kara’s bum.

Luckily for both of them,
They have options, choices.

That’s a lot luckier than some.
So through time they will travel,

Together as one.
Making decisions as a team,

Because that’s how all the great champions played,
That’s how they won.


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