Them Travel Feels…

Traveling is as much about exploring yourself – your ideas, values, and assumptions – as it is about exploring the world. Here are all the feels.
Do I have everything I need in my bag? Is my bag too heavy? Will they lose my bag? Did I pack enough undies? Is this my current passport or my expired one? Did I book the flight for the right day? Did I book the right flight at all? Is this the right airport? Argh feck – I forgot toothpaste.
Packed and ready to rumble!
I’m so sick of planning and anticipating. I want to f*cking go already! Why is travel insurance so expensive? Why don’t airports have gyms? Or at least showers? And good coffee is not that hard to make – so why can’t I get a decent one when I need it most, during travel?!
I can’t wait to get to the hotel, dump my bag, and go see, smell, hear, touch and taste things I’ve never experienced before! I can’t wait to learn some ‘unknown unknowns’, to bust some myths, to smash some predetermined ideas, and to demolish my own ignorance. I can’t wait to go on adventures – the kind that are accidental, the ones that you don’t set out on, but the adventures that only half way through do you suddenly realise that you’re in the middle of something extraordinary. And you’re sharing it with someone extraordinary.
Flying from Cairo to Luxor :-)
There’s nothing like a long flight, train ride, drive or even bus trip. You’re locked into a small space for a fixed amount of time. You hand over your freedom to the driver, and you have only a few activities to choose from: peering out the window, reading, watching TV/movies, or listening to music or podcasts. Plenty to do, really. But no matter how hard I try to distract myself, there is always a moment, just as the journey begins, where I can’t help but look out the window, watch my home slowly slip into the distance, and enjoy that feeling. It’s a brief moment where you are between worlds. You’ve given up what you had for what is coming, but is not quite real yet. I always feel very alive in that moment.
If I use the toilet on the plane and it smells, should I be embarrassed or proud?
Where is my bag? Where is the coffee? Why is every security guard eyeing me up? Where does the shuttle leave from? Where am I again?
10 minutes later:
1 hour later:
Jetlaggggggg 😦
And then:
Something makes it all real. Something changes sights and sounds into feelings. You stop being in a city, and you start feeling it. Cherish that moment. That’s what it’s all about.
By Sam

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