The night Sam wore a dress* out to dinner

Sam’s new Kathmandu pants tore a bit while horse-riding around the Pyramids (I told you it was intense/scary riding!). When looking for a restaurant in a souk (market), we came across a tailor and asked whether he could fix them. He could, but not while Sam was wearing them. (Duh). We suggested we come back later, but they insisted that no, now was better. Sam could wear a Galabiyah* while we had dinner at the restaurant next door. We were hungry, and it was a good price, so it was a deal!











And what a beautiful deal it was. The outfit was also quite comfortable (apparently). Although I think this had more to do with Sam not having to wear pants. Should I be worried?

It was certainly entertaining for the locals to see Sam, with his long curly blonde hair, eating street food in their traditional dress. But it worked- we had dinner, Sam’s trousers were fixed, and we took ‘cultural immersion’ to its full extension. We are now on the hunt for Galabiyahs.

*A traditional Egyptian Galabiyah, worn by men, but hilarious on Sam.


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